Salt Flats!


The next 4 days are simply fantastic! I have never had so much fun on the the Salar Tour seeing some breathtaking landscapes, driving through bumpy roads in 4x4s and listening to some great music with great company. Definitely one of the highlights of my trip (the list is getting longer). We start in Uyuni at the Joya Hotel. Here we are given a briefing of what the next few days have in store by a local man, then we go shopping for some snacks (everyone buys bottles of water, twix chocolate bars and crisps, Lawrence buys the biggest bag of munchies I have ever seen!). After a lovely pizza for dinner it’s back to the hostel for a hot shower-won’t be getting one of those for a while.

Train Cemetery

At 10.30am on Friday 6 November we load our bags full of things we will need for the next few days onto the 4x4s and start our Salar adventure. We visit the train cemetery, a salt factory, salt mines and drive through some of the most scenic salt planes I will ever see-it’s beautiful one of the coolest things I have ever done! We have lunch at a restaurant made completely of salt, then continue our drive ending at a hotel made of salt-yes that’s right, the ceiling, walls and floor are all salt! After dinner and one two many drinks we go outside (it’s freezing!) to look at the star filled sky, it is heavenly.

Pretty in Pink

On day 2 we visit fish-island and see the valley of cactus, all of this in the middle of nowhere. The drive is long and we take it in turns to plug our ipods in and be DJ, the music makes the journey so fantastic, we play everything from Coldplay and Moby to Wham and Daddy Yankee (the latter chosen by me of course!). Our driver Roberto is much fun and also plays us some music, lots of 80s pop that I don’t mind and I reminisce about growing up in that era. The scenery that we are driving to is jaw dropping and I can’t believe I am actually there in the middle of nowhere seeing all of this. We spend a night at the Laguna Colorada and play cards and drink wine to try and forget how cold it is, I’m glad I bought some thermals in Potosi in preparation now!

Postcard Picture

Day 3 is all about lagoons and flamingos. On first sight I stare with my mouth wide open, but after a while it gets a bit repetitive-still I’m not complaining I’m here after all having the time of my life! At one stop we play ball with the drivers and cook, and I play some reggaeton music in one of the cars, its so much fun! There is so much to see here I can’t wait to share this with my friends on my return, why had I not heard of these places before? Shh lets keep it a secret so the place does not become over run by tourist and get ruined.


Day 4 and we rise early yet again, around 4.30am and drive for about 90 minutes to visit geysers. Some people can’t bear to leave the cars as it’s so cold. I’m not coming back here again I have to take a look. We run and take a few photos and then drive on to some more beautiful lagoons. We stop by a plant where they use the natural resources to make chemicals that are used in shampoo and detergent-interesting stuff. The treat of the day is relaxing at some hot springs, then we go and have chicken and pasta for lunch. We see some more beautiful sights and then finish the day with sunset near red lagoon, before driving onto Tupiza. I can honestly say that it’s the experience of a life time, and one that I will never forget.

In the middle of nowhere…


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