I Heart BA

It’s all about the Tango

Over the next 7 days I lose count of how many places me and Sue stop for coffee, lunch and dinner-we go way overboard! I’ve said goodbye to the group and check in to the Millhouse hostel on Avenue de Mayo with Sue-I get the top bunk arrrghh! It’s pretty big and fairly new. Over the next 7 days we meander around the different parts of the City slowly, as I’m not feeling too great. I have a terrible cough that keeps me up all night and I think I’m generally run down. Oh well it doesn’t stop me from enjoying myself completely. I meet a French women in her 30s in the room who has been in the City for a few weeks. She’s planning to stay for a year. She came out of a long-term relationship then got quite sick. Now better she wanted to do something different for herself and get away and she’s loving it here so far. A 25 year-old English girl from London is taking 6 months out from working in the corporate sector to travel in South America and Australia. She entertains me all week with here stories of the night before and Miguel, the Argentinean she’s having a romance with. A 24 year-old German girl is on holiday here for a week and has been living and working in Santiago at the Goethe Institute (similar to the British Council) in the culture section. We have a lot to talk about and she tells me how she recently met late Pina Bausch’s husband in Chile-WOW! So many stories, so many people-this is one of the many things that I love about traveling.

Me and Sue with Tango certificates!

Me and Sue pop to La Boca for lunch one day and I buy myself some electronic tango music by the Gotan Project, it sounds so good I want to remember the sights and sounds of this place and music often does the trick. One evening we book a tango lesson which is much fun and switch partners numerous times throughout the class, is not so difficult as it’s not too fast-well at least at beginners level! The lesson is followed by a huge meal so its more steak, and unlimited bottles of Malbec whilst we watch a fantastic tango performance. We go to San Telmo a few times as it’s so lovely and meander around the Sunday market, which goes on and on and on. We hit the shops along Florida for a few hours and then drink tea at a café on the street, watching the world go by whilst a saxaphone player entertains us with some fabulous music-what a pleasant afternoon. My cough is not getting better so I’m trying to take it easy. One evening we go to the cinema to

La Boca

watch 2012, at the end I feel a bit homesick, because I am sick! I’m out of painkillers so go to a pharmacy to try something stronger and thankfully the woman behind the counter speaks English. We chat for some time, she asks me how enjoying BA and explains that the economy is weak and life is difficult. Getting by she explains is not easy for them, but good for us tourists who visit here on holiday. Things are expensive she says. Well that’s true for sure as I’ve noticed fairly high prices for many things how do the locals afford all of this?!

It’s time to leave BA, I have to get out of here at some point even if Sue is still here! I feel sad that being ill has meant that I have cut my time short in Brazil, I won’t get to see as much as I’d hoped now. Well I am feeling much better after taking the new medication so its time to go to Iguazu falls. I get on a bus for 18 hours and have a seat next to a young local lad, I am the only tourist on the bus. I sleep with one eye open all night and guard my belongings, I’ve had my share of bad luck on this trip I won’t let anyone steal anything from under my nose now-no way I have heard too many horror stories! On Wednesday 9 December I meet Erin, a Canadian girl I met in BA at the hostel and we go to see the falls. Everyone has been telling me how amazing they are-and they’re right. Whilst not one of the best things I have ever seen, they are pretty spectacular, larger than life and beautiful. There are various trails and angles to get a photo and experience the gushing water so it takes the

Main Street

best part of the day to do it justice. That evening at the huge hostel me and Erin drink a couple of bottles of Malbec and enjoy a barbecue followed by a Samba party at the hostel-it’s great!

Check out is at 10am, too early! I wake up to find my room key has been stolen-wonderful that is my deposit gone. I’ve been thinking about where to head to next, I only have 10 days left. Right, it’s going to be Rio and Ilha Grande and that will do in the time I have.  The hostel has a ticket booking service but only take cash, I only have 5 pesos left in my purse. I ask them bus times but they won’t tell me unless I book with them-I am getting angry. Someone tells me there are two buses that day, one around 1pm and another around 4pm that will get there late-I don’t really want to sit around all afternoon and then arrive in Rio at night. It’s 11am and I need to get a ticket now! Public transport is limited so I jump in a taxi to the nearest cash point at a casino as I can’t even pay the driver! Next stop the bus station and after much

One Man and his Art

confusion I find the right desk to buy my ticket. There is one seat left on the 1.15pm bus. It is now 11.30am. I buy the ticket and find a shop for some water, snacks (there will be no food on the bus) and find a pharmacy for some sanitary towels for something that also began this morning to add to my headache. I get a cab back to the hostel to grab my things and luckily share a taxi back to the bus station with another girl to save me a bit of money. I make it with 10 minutes to spare and have a seat to myself at the back of the bus with lots of room-perfect! I chat to Clare a Welsh girl sitting in front of me for a while then start reading a book that was given to me by another traveler; Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s a good journey and I sleep well, woo hoo Brazil here I come!!!

Iguazu Falls


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