I seem to have an allergy to school work…I take procrastination to another level…seriously it’s getting ridiculous. Still something is going in, I can feel it. I feel different. I think differently. It’s a good feeling. I’ve been acting like a small child a lot of the time, kicking and screaming against the establishment, the institution. It’s strange feeling part of a herd, but great as time moves on and relationships develop with peers, it soon becomes apparent the depth and range of fellow course mates I have out there, both young and old. It’s all about owning it, and developing one’s critical thinking that had me off balance for a while. I love a good old challenge but I must admit this one in particular has been tougher than usual, grappling with home and money troubles; doesn’t help me focus my mind on the books. That’s life I guess, boring if it’s too easy. Too many grey hairs on this head of mine, I know things will settle soon.

I have lost count of how many people have asked me why Bristol and why go back to studying now. Well for the first time in my life I have no plan and this is a daunting yet exciting prospect. Prior to this I have been driven by goals and short term plans, suddenly I find myself without all of this and it’s so scary and exciting all at the same time. So many people take the easy road-the passenger seat. Well I’m the driver and have no idea where this road is leading, but then does anyone really in the end?

What would we do without music? That’s one thing I loved about being a student the first time round. I spent hours listening to albums and learning all of the lyrics to my favourite tunes. Now I’m getting so absorbed in this love affair yet again and just can’t get enough. Music is so important to understand the different cultures and people around me, taking me on a journey around the world without even leaving my bedroom-what fun!

Days go by, sometimes the sun comes out to play, beauty is around every corner if I allow it to appear. The other day I walked from Clifton to Circomedia through Cotham and Stokes Croft. It was dusk. Some street lights had come on. I walked though a pretty square of houses of various pastel shades down a steep street onto Gloucester Road. On the way down I had an awesome view of the city, the houses, buildings, graffiti; Bristol. My heart was smiling, such a wonderful feeling. Gorgeous. This town is alright man.

It’s almost 1am. The gorgeous sounds from Simmer’s new album are entertaining my ears. It’s been an awfully long day. I must hit the sack now and ponder the day’s events, and wonder if tomorrow will be more productive. The garden of Eden is never far and I just don’t seem to be able to stay away…even in my dreams…

Still manage to find plenty of time and space for endless amounts of giggle, silly banter and complaining-don’t mind if I do! Trips to the library bumping into gorgeous people-we’re all in the battle of the books together haha! Perhaps my next post will suggest some solutions to procrastination and the art of time management….hmmmm or perhaps not! Until next time…


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