Coffee, myself and I

Yesterday I spent the entire day working away at my laptop, and at around 5pm decided I needed a break and some fresh air. The evening was to be spent doing some chores, packing, and more work. I grabbed my purse and umbrella. I’d stop at a coffee shop for a change of scene. I grabbed my phone too, then deliberately put it down. I looked at my diary and notebook sitting together, put them in my bag, but removed them again. I need to switch off. My usual local independent café had closed at 5.30pm so I had to settle with Café Nero. I looked around the mostly empty café whilst I waited for the Italian girl who was making my cappuccino. A man in his mid twenties sat alone eating a sandwich rather quickly, hunched over the table looking at his ipad at the same time. The sandwich wasn’t getting much attention, I wonder if he could even taste it. I sat down with my coffee and looked around. I’m a nosy bugger at the best of times, but even worse with nothing to occupy me. There was a middle-aged man sitting on the table to my left, watching a video on his ipad. I had full vision of the screen but couldn’t hear anything as he had his headphones plugged in. A woman (not Nigella) was preparing a meal in a kitchen. In front of me sat another young guy, also alone with an ipad. I couldn’t see what he was looking at or listening to, he also had headphones plugged in. I sat back to let my coffee cool down a bit and relaxed. I’m really not used to this, not having my phone to message someone, glide though my twitter and facebook newsfeeds, read the daily news, reply to a whatsapp or viber message. I can’t remember how long I stayed there. When I was travelling the world alone I didn’t have a smart phone. I didn’t have a phone. I spent so much time by myself walking, exploring, reading books. It was brilliant. And now I’m in a coffee shop and don’t know what to do with myself. I sat back and closed my eyes. It felt good. I have no idea how long I lasted there, I don’ t think it was very long. I hit the cold damp street and zipped up my coat. I started walking up the road leading me home, planning away in my mind what I would do that evening. At home I turned the key in my front door, removed my trainers and went into the lounge.  I looked at my desk. Not there. I went into my bedroom; there she was plugged in loading up on energy to give me a fix. I had a few new emails, mostly junk, 3 notifications on facebook and a new whattsapp message. Hmmm.



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