Mysterious Misfit

Photo: Benji Reid

Photo: Benji Reid

This time last year I was halfway through a project about women and peace-building, living and working in London. I spent the following 6 months on a couple of interesting projects, trying to find my place in the city again, a city very close to my heart. Only to then realise, once I got away and enjoyed a lastminute summer working in Lisbon that I don’t want to be in the UK at all. I have know this for years and have my escapes, only to boomerang back and struggle to fit back into UK life. Because I don’t want to. Its got me thinking about my life over the past 7 years, my new found freedom as a single woman to up and go whenever and wherever I please…I love it. When I look back there hasn’t really been a plan, and things seem to fall into place for me last minute. Not sure if this is a bad thing or not. I seem to be getting away with it so far. Wonder if I will tire of it eventually. If I don’t include the crazy year I travelled to 14 different countries, since 2007 I have moved 16 times and many of these moves have been within a few weeks notice. In 4 days I am flying to India. Move number 17. 4 weeks ago I received a phone call inviting me to participate in an exciting project in India, and suddenly everything started to fall into place. I launched my first ever crowd funding campaign to raise the participation fee for this charity project and hit the target before the deadline, thanks to the support of my great friends and associates around the world. Meanwhile everyone is getting ready for the festive season buying lots of gifts and planning Christmas dinner. I grew up loving Christmas, loved the time we spent as a family eating too much and watching Top of the Pops and Eastenders. Now its all changed and so have I. My siblings all have their own families, dad is no longer with us, mum isn’t the same and I just don’t fit in, pretty much the spare wheel that doesn’t belong anywhere. Not in a family, or in a group of friends. Because the friends are dotted about all over the world. Whilst this makes me a little sad, it also makes me feel energetic and free. Because I can go and be anywhere and be alive, and put to use my knowledge, experience and education and give something back. I’m a citizen of the world, and my intrigue for adventure and information is live and kicking so I’m feeding it. I last visited India in 2010 and could never put into words how brilliant this time of my life was, totally and utterly fantastic! Its been calling me back ever since, and now the time feels so right. I absolutely love to travel, but find it much more satisfying spending a few months in one place, and having a purpose whilst I am there. I will be a facilitator on Jagriti Yatra, an annual 15-day train journey across India with 100s of young entrepreneurs. Its essentially an education/leadership/development project, and my focus will be on encouraging them to think creatively about how arts and culture can enhance and develop the country. Following this I’m planning to maybe stay in Mumbai, for how long I have no idea…the adventure awaits…


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