BBC Expert Women 2017

Expert Women 2 - Version 2.jpg

Harpreet Kaur and Chloe Duckworth, BBC Academy, Expert Women, Friday 31st March 2017

On Friday 31st March I spent a day at the BBC Academy as a delegate for Expert Women 2017. I was one of 24 women from across the UK selected from over 450 applicants to attend this one off training event in Central London. The BBC are aware that there is not equal representation or gender balance of men and women interviewed for a number of news, information and entertainment channels across TV and Radio. This is no reflection of the reality; there are in fact women experts in all fields. Why they are not being profiled and heard has a range of explanations, including not coming forward, and producers being under pressure and going to the same people they know that are reliable to speak about specific topics.

The intention of the day was to give a select group of women the opportunity to experience being interviewed on TV and radio, and to meet experts in the field to learn more about broadcasting and being on air. I have been on local TV and Radio in the West Midlands but this was an opportunity to broaden my experience, build confidence, and most importantly make some new contacts with producers and editors. My expertise lies in explaining the value of the arts and cultural sector to making social and global change, and I have experience in topics including Climate Change and Sustainability, Diversity and Gender Equality being tackled by arts initiatives around the world. As an advocate for the arts and a respected Cultural Leader in the field, I hope to continue having a presence in the media to be the voice of the creative industries, not only in and for the UK, but across the world.

Expert Women 1.jpg

BBC Expert Women 2017


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