Speaker and facilitator for a range culture and development projects

Community engagement and audience development

Journalism and blogging

Research and documentation of creative industries internationally

Project & Events Management

Seminars, Workshops and Conferences


Presentation about how the government can democratise culture at Re-powering Britain, The Labour Conference, Brighton, UK, September 2017

Presentation at the IETM plenary meeting on Gender as a Political Issue, Bucharest, April 2017

Presentation about the relationship between Gender, Creativity and Human Security at The Bench, International Dance Festival Birmingham, May 2016.

Presentation about the relationship between Sikhism, Arts and Climate Change at The Creative Factory, Place 2 B, COP21 Paris, December 2015.

Presentation and Facilitation of workshop on Gender and Security in Europe at 7th Fundamental Rights Platform Meeting, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Vienna, April 2014.

Expert paper about the relationship between Gender, Music and Politics in West Africa at the annual Institute for Cultural Diplomacy Conference ‘Cultural Diplomacy & Cross Continental Cooperation: Building Bridges for a United Global Community’, Berlin Dec 2013.

Expert paper on Human Security at the annual Kyiv Security Forum, Ukraine commissioned by Open Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation, Kyiv, Apr 2013.


Creative Climate Leadership Julie’s Bicycle, Wales 2017

RE:Present Cultural Leadership Programme, Creative Shift, 2016

Raising Strong and Resilient Communities – A narrative and storytelling approach to empower cooperation, cohesion and change in communities through non-formal education. Erasmus in the Netherlands, 2016

Conflict Mediation and Negotiation, Leadership and Project Management, Religion, Conflict and Conflict Resolution The Durham Global Security Institute

Conflict Analysis and Conflict Sensitive Project Design, The Durham Global Security Institute

Facilitative Leadership and Group Facilitation Methods for Social Inclusion and Gender Equality, The Institute of Cultural Affairs International, Madrid

Leadership Training, Cultural Leadership Programme, London

GAIN Board Management Programme Independent Theatre Council, London

Project Management, Writing Grant Applications, Arts & Media Training 

Effective Fundraising Directory of Social Change, London

Press and PR Birmingham Arts Marketing

Safeguarding Training-Working with Young People, Focus Group Training, Race Equality Training, Training the Trainer, Disability Awareness Audiences Central