I know Harpreet through working with her in Initiatives of Change and Creators of Peace programme. It was such a pleasure to work with somebody so artistic, realistic and productive at the same time. Knowing her skills to work with groups and hold the audience I have invited her to run a workshop at our annual event for about hundred people. She facilitated perfectly with people being engaged, having a great discussion and some important insights into the topic about building strong communities. This is definitely an ongoing fruitful relationship that I am keen to nurture and sustain. Go girl!

Aleksandra Shymina, Knowledge Manager, Inititatives of Change UK (2016)

It was interesting and exciting working with you Harpreet on my first crowd funding – to see how the process worked from beginning to end. I appreciated your clarity and know – how on the proposal and encouragement at the right moments. You will go far.

Julie Tan Gaik Choo, Tour Organiser, Voices from the Hills Choir, Shillong, India (2015)

Harpreet manifests such great interest for the artistic materials. She has a sharp acumen in the art criticism and it has been clear in its path that is strongly associated to a social dimension. She always takes an active position to go through a mobilization in the artistic field, bringing together people and resource through a bold and assertive communication skills. She presents human and fundamental professional qualities, emphasizing perseverance, maturity and audaciously.She demonstrated knowledge in areas such as visual culture and the theory of culture in a constant search for enrichment at a personal level.In professional terms, she acquired versatility and other important skills that allows her to deal directly with the international art scene.
It was a pleasure to count on her collaboration over the months she was with us in Portugal!

Graca Rodrigues, Director of Production, Casa de Liberdade Mario Cesariny, Perve Galeria, Lisbon (2014)

Right from the beginning Harpreet was very engaging and her easy manner made her that much more approachable. As a facilitator she always made sure to spark the right conversations, encouraging everyone to get involved and this resulted in many fruitful open discussions. During the course of the Yatra, we discussed the various nuances of art, culture and creativity and how they play an important role in the development of a country. A country as diverse as India is symbolized by the plurality of its culture yet many of us take that for granted. Harpreet provided a broader perspective on the topics and spoke about the creative scene in the UK, which definitely aided in understanding how this intangible cultural heritage can help individuals and communities, strengthen local economies and remove social barriers. She sure left little pieces of her enthralling self amongst everyone she conversed with.

Shalvi Sinha, Jagriti Yatra particpant, 2014 Sales and Marketing Manager, de Kulture works, Jaipur (2014)

Harpreet is a very enthusiastic person, we were together during Jagriti Yatra where I was in the organizing team and she was participating as facilitator. She can talk to absolutely anybody so easily, very open for conversations, friendly and helpful. It was a pleasure to have a British Indian facilitator on the team and particularly someone like Harpreet who has an excellent understanding of working cross culturally and has a real passion and knowledge for her Punjabi heritage. I hope we can work together again in the future.

Vivek Neekhra, Jagriti Yatra Selection team and Programming team, Mumbai (2014)

Harpreet was a member of the team which organised two major conferences at Caux, Switzerland. The 2012 Caux Forum for Human Security brought 300 people from 56 countries; the 2013 conference on Just Governance for Human Security brought 220 people from 30 countries. Each conference called for a high degree of teamwork, organisational skills and cultural sensitivity. In all these aspects, Harpreet made a valuable contribution to the success of the conferences.

Her understanding of Human Security led to an invitation to the Kiev Security Forum in Ukraine in 2013. She wrote a good explanation of Human Security for the conference programme, and gave an impressive talk on this subject to the youth section of the Forum.

John Bond OAM, Coordinator, Caux Forum for Human Security, UK (2013)